Thursday 2 April 2009

Marketing Trick from UK Supermarket (T)

This post is from my previous blog. I find this quite funny, therefore I would like to share this wiht you.

Back to Summer 2008

My friend and I went to supermarket today. My target is to get enough snack which can last for a week = ).
While i was doing my shopping I found some funny stuff. It is about the trick they do on the bargain product.
I believe that many of us always assume anything with Yellow/Red label on the supermarket are the product that worth to buy, (E.g. bargain product, lowest price/ cheap...etc). But is it really worth to buy the product which is on Yellow label?

I took some picture yesterday on the biscuits section of one of the largest supermarket in Abingdon in Oxfordshire. Let's have a look and see if you find the prices is a bit funny.

Bargain 1

3 For £2 69p Each
3 for £2 (69p each)
Bargain 2
3 for £2 74p each
3 for £2 (71p each)
Bargain 3

3 For £2 94p each
3 for £2 (94p each)
3 For 2 58p each
3 for £2 (58p each)
After watching the picture, would you think I am a bit silly?

Let's do some maths, shall we?
£2 = 200p

Barage 1:
69P x 3 = 207 p
which is 7p cheaper than the original price.

Barage 2:
71P x 3 = 213 p
which is 13p cheaper than the original price.(which sounds better = ))

Barage 3:
69P x 3 = 282 p
which is 82p (a lot) cheaper than the original price.(It almost close to buy 2 get 1 free)

58P x 3 = 174 p
which is 26p MORE EXPENSIVE the original price.
Not sure if some people will actually buy 3 of them and end up with paying more, then they should.

This story tell me not to just trust the Label, but also think about if that is what I want to buy and not to just see a yellow label and assume they are a lot cheaper than before ...etc.

If you want to see this Label in person, if you are in England, you can go to any of Tesco Supermarket and the biscuits section, which should have a lot of biscuits have a label about Buy 3 for £2. You may be able to find the 58p one.
(* the discount will be finished on 1x Oct 2008 (I cannot remember which day, which should be 12-14...etc, maybe you can find it from the Picture = ]))

The one that I took the picture from is in Abingdon, Oxford.

Have fun.