Tuesday 31 March 2009

Gourmet Houses' Chocolate 飛機上的朱古力小食


他應該是 香港一家朱古力公司 Gourmet House LTD 出品的

Gourmet House LTD's Chocolate
在盒上寫了 朱古力是瑞士出產的 當然是香港生產/製造
如果對這間香港朱古力公司有興趣, 可以按這條URL瀏覽 網頁


White and Milk Chocolate
我試了黑色這一粒 (我不太喜歡吃白朱古力 = P)
Gourmet House's Milk Chocolate
3 Layers Chocolate
和kinder 繽紛樂 入面的醬差不多
算是幾甜了 (對我來說)

Saturday 28 March 2009

7 Steps to create your own hand-writting Font

Have you ever heard some people said, your hand-written font reflect your personality? I knew some people who study psychology; they could read your feeling by read the text you have written. They are quite accurate.

Today I want to introduce you a site which can help you to generate your own hand writing Fonts.
It is fair simple. There are few things you need to prepare.
1) Printer
2) Scanner
3) Black permanent marker of fine or medium thickness Pen

Here it is the 7 Steps that you can go through in order to create your own hand-writing font.
1) Print Template
2) Complete Template
3) Scan & Save Template
4) Upload Template
5) Preview Your Font
6) Download
7) Install & Use

You can simply follow the instruction on the website. Then you should be able to create your own font within 15mins.
I would upload my own Hand-writing font unfortunately I do not have a scanner.

Here it is the website:

Feel free to let me know how do you feel about having your own hand-writing font on computer.

Have fun.

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Oyster Mushroom Crisps suitable for vegetarians (Health Choice)

Today I would like to recommend crisps for you (Oyster Mushroom Crisps Wasabi Flavour). I felt that crisps are a bit healthier than normal crisps as it is not that oily. On the package it said it has No Trans Fat, No Cholesterol, No Artificial Colouring and No Preservative Added.
Normal crisps are made from potato, but this one is made from Oyster Mushroom.
The taste of wasabi is not that strong, so you probably won’t feel the spice of it. Not like the wasabi on Sushi or wasabi seaweeds…etc. I think it is not only suitable for Vegetarians, it also suitable for children as well.

It is quite special, you must try it out : ). But if you do not like the smell of mushroom, you may not like it then.


Inside the package. It does not look like normal crisps

That is what Oyster Mushroom look like.

Let me know if you are interested on it.

Monday 9 March 2009

Print Document to PDF, Print without a printer

當你到一d 網上shopping既地方,突然間有d重要文件要print/做record(e.g. 有d online 既invoice, 收據等等既資料),但好可惜咁佢無一個history 既feature 比你follow up 返你張單,
係呢個情況, printer 就係其中一個好有用既工具了。

但係手頭上又無printer 喎!咁點算呢?
我相信有唔小既網友都有遇過呢d 既問題,

第一隻係名叫做PDF creator

個printer & fax 既地方就會多o左一個icon 叫做
pdf creator。

每當大家想將d文件轉做pdf 時候就可以係用緊既application 度按print ,之前選擇 pdf creator 當然最後要比返個filename呢個document 先得la!

想了解多d 呢隻software 大家可以用下面呢條link
大家可以到以下呢個website 去download o黎用


另一隻software 我e+ 都用緊既就係cutepdf la。
大家可以到以下呢個website 去download o黎用

呢一隻同pdf creator的用法係差唔多的,
都係做一隻virtual printer,
如果係第一次安裝你可能需要安裝一隻叫做ghostscript 既東西。
但pdf creator 就一個install package 搞掂曬。

2隻software 大致上差唔多,
pdf creator 就可以比多d 功能大家。
例如可以對某d 格式加d setting (e.g. jpg,png等等)
這樣就可能令到個pdf 既大小同quality 都會唔同d。

cutepdf 就未有呢種功能。
pdfcreator 有一個問題,就係暫時都未完全support windows Vista。