Saturday 28 March 2009

7 Steps to create your own hand-writting Font

Have you ever heard some people said, your hand-written font reflect your personality? I knew some people who study psychology; they could read your feeling by read the text you have written. They are quite accurate.

Today I want to introduce you a site which can help you to generate your own hand writing Fonts.
It is fair simple. There are few things you need to prepare.
1) Printer
2) Scanner
3) Black permanent marker of fine or medium thickness Pen

Here it is the 7 Steps that you can go through in order to create your own hand-writing font.
1) Print Template
2) Complete Template
3) Scan & Save Template
4) Upload Template
5) Preview Your Font
6) Download
7) Install & Use

You can simply follow the instruction on the website. Then you should be able to create your own font within 15mins.
I would upload my own Hand-writing font unfortunately I do not have a scanner.

Here it is the website:

Feel free to let me know how do you feel about having your own hand-writing font on computer.

Have fun.

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