Thursday 6 May 2010

Search feature on Share ChiWai/ 智慧分享 Search 功能

Search 功能
最近在這個網誌加入了Search 這個功能...

因為有時在工作的時候 遇到電腦問題...
我便可以用search 這個功能去找解決辦法了
未有這個功能的時候我需要慢慢找這個post 出來真是花時間



Just added a search box on the top right hand conera in this blog. Which is quite convenient. One of the reason of writing this blog is to note drop the issue that in programming/living, so that when I face the same problem again in future, I can use this as reference to find the solution / resolve the problem.

Before added the search feature. I have to go through the tag, and all the post to find the blog post that I made about the thing that I am look for.

Hope you find it useful.

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