Thursday 20 January 2011

SummerBridge Hong Kong SBHK 1998 [KGV] Celebration New Student Song lyric [Anywhere For You]

Summerbridge Celebration Song 1998
New Student Song (To the tune of Anywhere For You)

Celebrate in Summerbridge
We love you with all our hearts
Celebrate in Summerbridge
Summerbridge is in our hearts

We learned together everyday
We’ll miss you all the time
We love all teachers at SB
As long as you are there to lead us
We won’t lose our way, believe us
Even through the darkest night you know

SB’s crazy and funny
Like a happy family
We are happy can’t you see
Became crazy and funny
Right now it’s time to say goodbye
But we wish we could turn bask time
There’s one thing for sure
We know it’s true
SB, we’d go anywhere with you

On our first day at Summerbridge
We were feeling scared
Cause we felt it was difficult’
To communicate with others
But SB taught us many new words
World like cooperation
And another word we learned was confidence

Hey SB, Hey SB, Oohhh (3 times)
Chorus (2 times)

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