Sunday 23 January 2011

SummerBridge Hong Kong SBHK 1998 [KGV] Celebration Staff Song lyric [Summer Night]

Summerbridge Celebration Song 1998
Staff Song (To the tune of "Summer Night")

Summerbridge, give us the change
To teach students, Science and Math
Social Science, English or Art
We've got apirit, deep in our heart
Summerbridge, it's so much fun
Ohhhh, can we all come along

Tell me more, tell me more
Tell me what do you do
Tell me more, tell me more
Can we join SB too?

Normally we're, students like you
But now we are, the teaching rew
We range from fifteen, to twenty five
All coming, from different lives
SB staff, we're SB insane
Ohhhh, never stopped by the rain
(But then our spirit shines right though)

Tell me more, Tell me more
What makes you do What you do?
Tell me more, Tell me more
Does that mean we can too?

When the student, walked through the door
We did not know, What was it store
They were rather, guiet to start
But we now just don't wanna part
Five weeks of, teaching you guys,
Ohhhh, we should be getting a prize

Are we too wild for you?
Tell me more, Tell me more
But you're just as wild too!

At SB, we teach all of you
But we do, other thing too
We meet for dinner, and bubble tea
Take sticker photo, with you and me
All the staff, are such good friend
Ohhhh, I hope that this never ends

Tell me more, Tell me more
What do you really do?
Tell me more, Tell me more
Can we tag along too?

Five weeks are over, that's where it ends
All our students, are our good friends
Each of you, are special to us

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