Monday 24 January 2011

SummerBridge Hong Kong SBHK 1999 [SIS] Celebration New Student Song lyric [I Want It That Way]

Summerbridge Celebration Song 1999
New Student Song (To the tune of "I want it that way")

We are new students
A part of SB
We cry when we say
We're leaving SB

We're had a great time this year
Have a special summer
We can say
That I want it that way

Spirit Day
We had loads of spirit
We show co-operation
Field Trip Day
We traveled many places
We cherish these moment

You are my teacher
We are your students
Yes we know it's too late
But we want to thank you


Promise us
You are never gonna leave us
Promise us
You'll never forget us
Promise us
You'll come back next year
We'll miss you forever

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