Wednesday 26 January 2011

SummerBridge Hong Kong SBHK 2000 [ST2] Returning Student Song lyric [Season on the Sun]

Summerbridge Celebration Song 2000
Returning Student Song (To the tune of "Season on the Sun")

Thank you SB for teaching us,
every staff is standing close to us,
they tried to teach us right from wrong.
Try to speak out in the
class, helping us in ASM.

*Goodbye SB, it has to end,
forget about the faults that we have made,
ever if you're angry with us.
Forgive us in everywhere,
when we need you, you'll be there.*

@We have joy we have fun;
we have trust in summerbridge.
Everyone spirt up,
it's just because of the staff.@

Thank you SB for training us,
w try to speak out in the family,
You never thought that I was a fool.
So much joy and so much
fun, never let us be alone.
(Repeat *,@,@)

Goodbye SB my trusted friends,
you give me love and help me
find the sun,
together we all shout and cheer.
You wil always come around,
and put my shyness underground.
Goodbye SB it has to end,
now all of us are showing confidence,
we try to stop the tears we cry,
if I can choose where I can go,
I would rather be with you!(Repeat@,@)

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