Wednesday 26 January 2011

SummerBridge Hong Kong SBHK 2000 [ST2] Staff Song lyric [It's Gonna be me]

Summerbridge Celebration Song 2000
Returning Student Song (To the tune of "It's Gonna Be Me")

This is the end now
That ain't no lie
We've seen you come and grow
We remember the first week
How you used to believe that
You could never
Come so far

Chorus 1:
Every little thing we do
Is to try and help you
Speaking English all day is hard
But we know you try
We are very proud of you
For all that you do
Hey guys
We love SB (we will miss you)

We've got no choice now
But to move on, you know
We'll all remember you, because
our time, have been
some of the best in all our lives
and maybe that's why
we're gonna cry

There'll come a day
When you will look back
And say
I love (loved) (loved) (loved)
(loved) my time in SB

All that we do
Is try to help you
Don't wanna leave you

But it is time now
And as your staff,
We think you are the best
Because, Because…….

Chorus 2:
Every little thing you do
Has been better everyday
You've got so much more confidence
And made many friends
And when you (we) think ' bout us (you)
Please (we'll) just smile and say
YES LA (hey Guys)
We love SB (we will miss you)
**Chorus 2

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